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Zetlin & De Chiara LLP is particularly skilled at devising strategies to reduce our clients' exposure and strengthen their position from the beginning of a project and throughout the evolving phases of construction. During the risk evaluation process, we identify areas of potential vulnerability and outline comprehensive dispute avoidance plans and risk reduction procedures.

Through our relationships with virtually every major construction insurance carrier, Zetlin & De Chiara provides meaningful counsel regarding risk protection. We have successfully pursued and defended claims under general liability, first-party property coverage, OCIPs, CCIPs, Subguard, and professional liability policies.

Our service also includes advising on the management of changing circumstances, appropriate documentation and, where necessary, project restructuring. Zetlin & De Chiara stays at the forefront of construction industry trends in order to anticipate risk issues before they become your liability.


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    Michael De Chiara-Zetlin & De Chiara LLP 

    Jeremy Butkovich - Shannon & Wilson, Steve DeSimone - DeSimone Consulting Engineers, Leo E. Argiris - Arup, and George Leventis - Langan. Panel in formation.

    A New Paradigm for Pre-Construction Engineering Analysis

    Recent events in both New York and San Francisco have highlighted a much under-appreciated but enormous risk caused by most large construction projects in dense urban environments.

    The effects of major construction projects on adjoining properties are not sufficiently understood. When the unanticipated problems occur they often result in significant damages, which can equal the entire cost of the new project.

    The proper analysis of these effects involve advanced geotechnical and structural analysis, often not undertaken in large complex projects.

    We will cite several well-known situations which could have been avoided if this new level of pre-construction analysis was undertaken.

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