Bonds / Liens



Zetlin & De Chiara has extensive experience in presenting and defending surety bonds. We understand that bonding and insurance are crucial considerations in construction project planning to minimize the risks of loss and provide protection from costly litigation and by minimizing disputes among the parties on a construction project. The presence of the correct bonds on a project can be the difference between a successful project and a financially disastrous one. Zetlin & De Chiara has extensive experience in presenting and defending performance, payment and bid bond claims and have represented countless owners and contractors pursuing performance bond claims as well as countless subcontractors and suppliers pursuing payment bond claims.

Lien Protection

With the economic uncertainties of the construction industry, lien rights may be the best, if not the only, payment protection available to a contractor, subcontractor, design professional or supplier. Lien laws tend to be extremely detailed, and lien rights and defenses often involve extremely technical requirements, especially respect to contents of notices and dates that liens must be files by based on one's completion date of their services. Our attorneys have extensive experience in presenting and defending lien claims on private and public construction projects throughout the United States. Zetlin & De Chiara attorneys also have broad experience in preparing and filing liens in many states across the country. In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience in defending against lien claims on projects throughout the United States and have assisted owners, contractors and bonding companies to evaluate whether liens have been properly filed and contain the correct information or may be subject to other defenses, including time limitations. 



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