Anazette Ray Quoted in Facilities Net Article “Legal Concerns of Drone Use in Facilities Management"


Zetlin & De Chiara LLP Principal Anazette Ray was quoted in a Facilities Net article published on March 25, 2024 titled “Legal Concerns of Drone Use in Facilities Management.” Ms. Ray provided insights on the legal impact of using drones in facilities and interpreting the data with artificial intelligence. Ms. Ray comments on the importance of developing guidelines, beginning with understanding what facility managers are going to use drones and artificial intelligence for.

“The major legal concern is the unknown factors for liability purposes, according to Anazette Ray, principal at Zetlin & De Chiara LLP. This is usually determined by the standard of care, which relates to the practices that professionals must take in their operations. It is the guideline of what a professional, such as a facility manager, must do to make sure that they do things right. How that looks is going to vary from profession to profession.

'It is basically what a reasonable facilities manager would do in carrying out their professional activities within their locale,’ says Ray.

Since drones and AI are relatively new technologies, there has been no established standard of care in their everyday implementations, Ray says. Due to this, there are no standards to guide their use. Thus, if there is none, it is rather difficult to determine liability. When facility managers use these technologies, they are essentially using drones and AI at their own risk as they do not know the outcomes may be, according to Ray.”

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