LL97-Capitalizing on a Greener New York

Union League Club & Virtual

Michael De Chiara, Zetlin & De Chiara

Rick Cook, COOKFOX Architects

Scott Frank, Jaros, Baum & Bolles

Rocco Giannetti, Gensler

Sabrina Kanner, Brookfield Properties

Yasemin Kologlu, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

12.07.2021 | Breakfast 8:30-9:00 | Program 9:00-10:30

New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act (the “Act”) is the country’s leading building emission reduction legislation and presents a host of business opportunities and challenges for property owners, developers, and investors, as well as architects and engineers. The law’s centerpiece, Local Law 97 of 2019, requires new and existing buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to meet strict greenhouse gas emissions limitations. Local Law 97 presents a tremendous opportunity for New York City developers to capitalize on providing commercial, residential and other end users with environmentally sustainable buildings and workspaces.

While it is universally acknowledged that everyone must play a part in protecting the environment, a significant burden is now falling on New York City’s real estate community — who are now required to retrofit old buildings and build new ones that meet the new standards for carbon emissions. How, exactly how does that get done? What roles will tenants play in meeting the guidelines?

How will real estate owners pivot in response to these regulatory changes? Can owners, by acting in a coordinated manner, strengthen the New York City real estate sector as a whole and create increased market demand by thinking differently about this new regulatory era? What is the role of government in facilitating this transformation to make New York City real estate more environmentally compatible?

Join our panel of distinguished experts on December 7th at the Union League Club. Breakfast will be available at the Union League Club from 8:30 - 9 A.M., with the panel starting at 9 A.M. EST. In order to attend in person, proof of vaccination is required. Masks are required to be worn, when not eating.

The event is always available via Zoom.

To register for the event, click here. Masks are required when not eating.

Panelists include:


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