Healthcare Construction Forum

Virtual Event

Jaimee Nardiello, Partner

09.23.2021 | 10:30-2:00

Jaimee Nardiello, Partner at Zetlin & De Chiara, participated in the Commercial Observer's 5th Annual Healthcare Construction Forum on September 23, 2021. Ms. Nardiello moderated the "Healthcare Construction & Design Best Practices in a Changed World" panel, where distinguished industry leaders discussed future-forward approaches to healthcare construction.

The virtual panel of industry leaders provided timely insights into delivery of healthcare in the urban environment of NYC. The panel discussed how changing regulations and safety precautions will require engineers, architects and contractors to be creative in their approaches to implementing design solutions. The panelists concurred that the COVID-19 health crisis is a catalyst for major change in the design and construction of healthcare projects.

The theme of this year's overall event was "The Year of Lessons – How Healthcare is Advancing New Technologies & Research." The healthcare industry is changing with new policies and regulations, and demand for new healthcare facilities and facility upgrades continues to grow. The pandemic ignited greater demand for new technologies, repositioning current spaces, increased outpatient facilities and a future-forward approach to healthcare construction. The unpredictable and fluid impact on the healthcare industry continues to require new technology and research facilities, which influence decisions about new hospital locations, design, and functionality. 

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