Zetlin & De Chiara has crafted construction contracts and handled many disputes in the Hospitality Industry. For example, our attorneys have crafted contracts for a luxury Caribbean resort hotel, Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and for prominent hotels in both Miami and Boca Raton, Florida. In addition, Zetlin & De Chiara has represented designers of various hotels, resorts, and lodges, including a major mountain lodge and resort in Vermont. 

The following are select representative matters:

  • We were asked by our client to guide the development of a case involving construction and schedule deficiencies in Washington, D.C. 

  • We negotiated and crafted construction contracts for and provided risk management advice on a Caribbean luxury resort hotel with detached residential properties. 

  • The developer of a five star hotel in Miami, Florida asserted over $20 million in claims for design defects and delay damages.

  • We represented a major hotel development company in negotiating and drafting general contractor and construction manager agreements in connection with extensive renovation of a prominent hotel in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • We represented a structural engineer in a $50 million claim by a resort owner for professional errors and omissions relating to a luxury resort hotel in Orlando, Florida.

  • We successfully represented a New York City real estate Owner/Developer in a virtual bench trial against its general contractor for a large hotel project. Our client sought the recovery of unused portion of the funds it paid to the general contractor for the project’s insurance after the parties entered into a voluntary termination agreement. The Court permitted the Owner/Developer to assert an unjust enrichment claim against the general contractor since the initial contract had been terminated and the voluntary termination agreement did not address the return of unused insurance funds. In its decision after trial, the Court awarded the Owner/Developer the majority of the unused portion it had paid to the general contractor for the project’s insurance, holding that it was against equity and good conscience to allow the general contractor to retain the awarded funds.

  • We prepared design and construction related agreements for the renovation of several luxury hotels.

  • We represented a design team against negligence and negligent misrepresentation claims in connection with the design and construction of a resort in Vermont. 

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