Liability for Building Foundations: A Geotechnical Dilemma

Bill Chimos, Moderator

Thomas Coghlan - Integro Insurance Brokers; Allan Paul - AECOM Tishman; Theodore von Rosenvinge - Geodesign Inc.

01.28.2018 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Civil engineers are required to have deep knowledge of the subsurface and complex topography upon which buildings will rest, whether the base is Manhattan schist or Florida sand.The intersection of geotechnology and engineering bears further examination as liability for issues with building foundations is expanding. A panel made up of legal, technical and risk assessment experts called upon to help resolve disputes in this emerging area will debate when liability starts and ends and how structural issues can be avoided in the future. The panel features: Thomas Coghlan, Managing Partner, Integro Insurance Brokers; Allan Paul, Senior Vice President , AECOM Tishman and Theodore von Rosenvinge, Senior Principal, Geodesign Inc.

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