Construction Law Issues in the Age of Coronavirus


Jaimee L. Nardiello, Partner, Panelist

04.23.2020 | 9:30-11:10

Jaimee Nardiello, Partner, will participate on a panel that will discuss Contract and Common Law Claims, Prosecution of Claims and Remedies. 

  • Contract and Common Law Claims- Force Majeure Provisions, Impossibility of Performance/Frustration of Purpose / Commercial Impracticability
  • Prosecution of Claims- Considerations for Prosecution of Claims / Contractual
    Notice Provisions, Insurance Considerations / Business Interruption
  • Remedies

-Delay Claims

Extension of Time / Avoidance of Liquidated Damages;
No Damage for Delay Clauses Damages

-Direct Damages, Consequential Damages,
Extended General Conditions

- Termination and Suspension

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