The Coronavirus continues to cause unparalleled disruption to our world. With the reopening of the economy, the construction industry must recalibrate in order to be successful in the post-pandemic environment.

Zetlin & De Chiara's COVID-19 Information page provides insights, information and resources to those in the construction industry. 

Zetlin & De Chiara Insights

1. Eight Firms Join Forces to Form the Workwell Coalition. Zetlin & De Chiara joins a coalition of design and construction organizations to offer strategic approaches to navigating the COVID-19 moment and beyond.

2. Updated Guidance for New York Construction Businesses. Consideration for Construction Site Owners for Phase One.

3. Guidance for New York Construction Industry Businesses to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency. On May 14, 2020 Governor Cuomo issued guidance for the re-opening of Construction Businesses.

4. Guidance for New Jersey Construction Industry Businesses to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency. Highlights of Governor Murphy's Executive Order which includes Safety Plans and Enforcement.

5. Insurance Coverage update in the COVID-19 Age: What Keeps You Up at Night? Webinar on May 14, sponsored by AIANYS. Z&D Senior Partner, Michael De Chiara moderated the panel and Anthony DiBrita Jr. was a panelist.

6. The Post Pandemic Office: Perspectives on the New Normal. Webinar on May 5th at 11:00 AM featuring speakers: Mitch Simpler-JB&B; Joanna Frank-Center for Active Design; Christopher Sharples-SHoP Architects; Andrew Demming-Gardiner & Theobold; and Tara Mulrooney-Zetlin & De Chiara as moderator. A recording of the webinar, program summary and Panelists Questions & Answers can be found on this page.

7. Downtime, Not Deadtime: Jobsite Resiliance During the Covid-19 Pause. This article, published by the Steel Institute of America discusses how the industry is coping with the shutdown. Z&D Partner, Tara Mulrooney is interviewed.

8. Construction Law Issues in the Age of Coronavirus. Webinar on April 23, was sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association is now available to NJBA association members on their site. Z&D Partner, Jaimee Nardiello was a panelist for this discussion.

9. Collaborative Leadership in Design and & Construction in the Age of COVID-19. Webinar on April 14th, was sponsored by AIANYS. Z&D Partner, Tara Mulrooney was a panelist.

10. COVID-19 Challenges to the Construction Industry. Webinar on April 8. A recording of the webinar which covered contractual issues related to the virus and the work shutdown, slides and Q&A can be found at the link. Z&D Partners Timothy Hegarty and James Terry provided their views on next steps the members of the construction community.

11. Coronavirus and the CARES Act: Implications for the Construction Industry. Publication on the CARES Act and how the economic stimulus act will impact the construction industry.

12. How to Manage the Impact of COVID-19 on the Architecture and Engineering Industries.  Webinar on April 2.  Michael Vardaro, Z&D's Managing Partner, participated in a high-level roundtable of Architecture and Engineering executives.

Government orders, Small Business and Public health information

Following are government orders and documents for your reference:

1. Fitwel Announces Viral Safety Module. The Fitwel Viral Safety Module provides annual, third-party certification of company-wide policies that represent best practices in viral mitigation. The module will also provide an overlay to Fitwel certification at the asset level to recognize implementation of these policies.

2. AIA Re-occupancy Assessment Tool V1.0. A framework of strategies for reoccupying buildings and businesses that are in the process of transitioning from being fully closed to fully open.

3. CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response. Guidance for Infection Control.

4. Re-opening New York: Construction Guidelines for Employers and Employees. Guidelines for all construction businesses in regions of New York that have been permitted to re-open, as well as construction businesses statewide that were previously permitted to operate as essential.

5. Interim Guidance for Construction Activities. NYS Department of Health Guidance during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

6. NY Forward Business Reopening Safety Plan Template. NYS Department of Health plan template for outlining how businesses will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

7. Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application. To apply for forgiveness for PPP loans, Borrowers must complete this application and submit it to the Lender.

8. Center for Active Design. Research to Action: Building Health for All in the Face of COVID-19. Chapter 1- Leveraging Buildings to Mitigate Viral Transmission.

9. Center for Active Design. Research to Action: Building Health for All in the Face of COVID-19. Chapter 2- Building Trust in the Workplace

10. Governor Cuomo Outlines Phased Plan to Re-open New York Starting with Construction and Manufacturing. Plan will be implemented in phases and based on regional analysis and determinations.

11. The MTA's MWDBE/SDVOB COVID - 19 Toolkit Business Resource Guide. Important information and tools to help contractors. The guide features MTA jobsite and safety protocols, guidance on Governor Cuomo's Executive Order regarding essential construction, CAREs Act, paid leave, insurance, and employment.

12. The Center for Active Design: Five Ways to Optimize a Building for COVID -19 Prevention. As COVID-19 spreads, the connection between health and our environment becomes increasingly clear. While there is still much that is unknown about this virus, there are immediate preventative steps those working across the real estate industry can take to reduce the risk of infection.

13. NYS Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency. Governor Cuomo extends Emergency Order 202 to May 15, 2020 and orders everyone to wear a face mask when in public and unable to maintain social distance.

14. COVID - 19 Response: Updated (4/15) Construction Guidelines and Certificate Authorization Requirement. COVID - 19 Response: Updated Guidelines for Suspension of Work on Non-Essential Construction and Demolition Sites Including Professional Certification Categories and Certificate of Authorization Requirement.

15. Updated Guidance to Owners and Contractors on Enforcement of Essential vs. Nonessential Construction. Updated guidance to owners and contractors on enforcement of Essential vs. Nonessential construction in accordance with updated guidance from the Empire State Development Corporation issued on April 9, 2020 pursuant to NYS Governor’s Executive Order 202.6 and subsequent orders.

16. NYC DOB FAQs: Essential and Non-Essential Construction in NYC During the COVID - 19 NYS Emergency.  Answers for dealing with Emergencies, Local Law Compliance Inspections & Tests, Elevators, Facade, Plumbing etc., Violations, Securing & Maintaining Sites, Essential Construction Requests, Certificate of Authorization.

17.  Application for the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program. The SBA will accept applications for forgivable loans for employers that keep their employees on their payrolls. The Paycheck Protection Program small business rescue will likely restart April 27, 2020 according to Senator Marco Rubio, Chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee. It will be replenished with $320 billion in new funding that President Donald Trump is expected to sign into law. In addition to new funding, Rubio said the small business loan program will have "an additional significant amount of money from PPP Loans being returned by several publicly traded large companies."

18. Fact Sheet for the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program. Key information on the parameters and milestone dates for the program.

19. Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. OSHA guidelines for preventing COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

20. NYC Buildings Department on Essential vs Non-Essential Construction. Guidance to owners and contractors regarding enforcement of Essential vs. Non-Essential construction in accordance with NYS Governor's Executive Order 202.6 and subsequent orders.

21. NYC Buildings Department Guidance on Shutting Down Construction and Demolition Sites. Guidance to owners and contractors regarding how to secure their construction and demolition sites when operations are suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.

links to construction industry advocacy and professional organizations

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